Shout out to all the sport lovers!

Hey guys!

Today I want to give a shout out to all the sport lovers! Personally, I don`t like the gym and I`m not a big fan of sports apart from dancing which isn`t really in the same category, is it? But I admire you, guys, for the efforts and perseverance you always have!!! That`s why I will give you some information about the Sports Park so that you can add this to your future plans in Surrey.

Surrey Sports Park is a pretty young one and has opened in 2010, but this didn’t stop it from becoming one of Europe`s premier sites for sport, health, well-being and leisure. It has also hosted some famous events such as Rugby World Cup 2010 and Paralympics GB Sports fest. Moreover, every Wednesday there are matches in the sport halls or outside, where all the sports clubs from university play, so you have the chance to see them usually for free!

The sports park is also very popular among students from my university because it is really affordable. So, let me give you some numbers here! The full membership is around £230 for 12 months and you can use all the facilities. Of course, there are also options of buying a membership for shorter period. For example, if there is someone who would like to sell their membership, they can give it to you in exchange for money and the Sports Park can immediately transfer your name on their membership. Furthermore, since you study at Surrey for 9 months and then you have 3 months left in your membership, you can “freeze” them and use them in your following academic year when you come back to Surrey. However, if you do not need everything offered in the sports park and you wish to visit just the gym, the membership for 12 months is around £100.

Not only is this place so affordable, but it also has many facilities and offers plenty of activities to stretch your muscles with! I will tell you the most popular ones which I have heard of: gym, various sport courts and fields, a swimming pool, sauna, rock climbing, squash rooms, showers, halls for dance and body activities and of course, Starbucks. There are probably many other things to do in there, but you will see this for yourself because you are coming to Surrey, right?

Hope this information was useful and you are looking forward to coming to Surrey even more!


Lusi xx