Fun on a Sunday evening

Hey there to all the followers of my blog!

I want to use this new post to thank you all for reading my stories (even though they can be quite long sometimes), I really appreciate it!

Also, Happy Liberation Day and Happy Grandma March to all my Bulgarians!!! As funny as the second one sounds to all non-Bulgarians, we do have such holiday haha! Wish you loads of health and prosperity and hope you always feel proud to be born in such a beautiful country!

Since it`s sunny today here in England I want to tell you guys about something fun I did on Sunday. If you remember once I told you about the cool things you can do in Guildford. So, one of them is Spectrum – the leisure centre.

I hadn`t been skating there yet when my housemate came home after long session of skating in Spectrum on Friday night. She suggested going together on Sunday, as it is only a pound to enter the rink and around 2 pounds more if you have to hire the skates – amazing deal! I was hesitating because I wasn`t sure it would be as fun as the other students say, but to be honest I didn`t have anything else to do then anyways.

We entered the building which I didn`t expect to be that big and I was happy to find out that this complex has different kinds of pools apart from the huge ice rink. That place seemed like real fun! As my housemate said, the tickets were very cheap and this made me even happier, at least I knew I wasn`t wasting my money. We got our skates and we were ready to rock the rink. At first it looked as if it is just a normal rink, but the moment all the people entered, they turned on some of the best dancing tunes to make skating even more joyful. Around half an hour later, they changed the normal lighting with some club lights which gave an even better look of the rink. People were skating and dancing at the same time, taking pictures and videos and this atmosphere made me constantly keep the smile on my face. The session was 2 hours and at some point we left the rink to buy some drinks from the vending machines and get our energy back to keep on skating. At the end we were tired but content with the fun evening we had!

I know this kind of stories might not mean much for your decision to either join Surrey or not, but sometimes the little things in life make an experience worthy!

Wish you a lovely week and more sunny days!