Hey everyone!

I know it`s time for you to think about accommodation and I wanted to tell you about the options you have here at Surrey.

In your first year you will be living in campus accommodation which will be either on the main campus where the library and most of the facilities are or in the other campuses – Manor Park or Hazel Farm. The most rooms at university are Band C and Band D and if you are wondering what this means, I will quickly explain with a bit more detail than the website. Depending on the type of room you get the bands go from A to F, where A is the cheapest version and F is the most luxurious. Band C is the standard with a single bed, one wardrobe, one desk, one chair and a sink with mirror. You get a kitchen, two toilets and two bathrooms to share between up to 14 people. Band D is quite similar, except for the fact it includes a bathroom and toilet inside single room, so you don`t have to share it with other people.

In terms of application, everything is pretty straightforward, you submit your application with your Band preferences and you will be notified by email where you will be allocated. You will have an amazing time, trust me! There are all kinds of activities you can do with your flat mates – from making pancakes to going to concerts together, and most importantly you will most likely set the beginning of many long lasting friendships.

Expect in the next blog more information about accommodation, more specifically second year houses!