Children of the World

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope you`re enjoying your free time until exams come!

Today I want to share with you one of the main reasons why I feel so happy to be at Surrey. Since I went abroad to study I had the chance to meet people from various countries and with extremely interesting backgrounds. Therefore, I set the beginning of so many international friendships.

If you are wondering why knowing people from different countries is very beneficial for you, I can list you few reasons below:

  • Enhancing your general knowledge
  • Networking with people who can help you in your future career
  • Visiting their homes and exploring places normally you wouldn`t
  • Giving you creative ideas in case you want to start your own business

Since I joined Surrey I have made friends from almost every continent on the globe and this is my main source of happiness. Now you`re probably asking yourself how Surrey is different in giving you the opportunity to meet international people… Well, the truth is, you can meet them at every university you go, but Surrey, especially, is known to be home of multiple nationalities. Having the option of going on exchange and doing your placement abroad is a perk which not every university has. Hong Kong (my exchange destination) was the place where I had the chance to meet some lovely people from Vietnam, Canada, China, Australia, countries all over Europe, etc. Thanks to Surrey I found some of the people that I`m planning to always keep in touch with in the future!

On campus every year there is an event called One World Week which brings together all the societies presenting their culture, cuisine and traditional dances. This is a lovely event for all the students to get involved with their own society or just enjoy the food stalls and the show given by the dancers. Apart from this event, there are many more throughout the whole year which have the aim of socialising and opening minds for different cultures.

Unfortunately, all this sounds like the cliché everyone tells you about studying abroad. But, trust me, unless you experience it yourself you can`t really appreciate it. Never stop looking for international friendships!

Happy Easter and enjoy the spring days!