Semesters and Holidays

Hey there!

Happy High School Graduation to all school leavers! I hope you`re all ready for 24th May and I suppose most of you made up their minds about which university they should go to!

In case you chose Surrey, I will give you now some information about the time schedule of the university so that you have an idea when you should buy flight tickets.

So, unlike other universities, Surrey starts pretty late – beginning of October. As you will be first year, I guess you will be invited to come around 25th September in order to attend the best time of first year – fresher`s week. Then your semester will start on 2nd October and until 18th December you will have lectures and seminars, course works or even midterm exams. Then you go on a relatively short holiday until 5th January and after that you have the so-called Reading week which gives you more time to revise for the upcoming exams in January. Usually exams start around mid January and exam period lasts until the end of January when you have a short holiday before semester 2 starts on 5th February.

More lectures, tutorials and assignments are coming in semester 2 and they continue until the longest holiday of the year starts – from 26th March until 20th April. A whole month of fun, sun and travelling. Sometimes you might have assignments due on the holiday so this could ruin it a bit, but still it`s a time spent with you friends and family!

Your second semester finishes around the end of May when you will have your second exam period. Usually this one lasts until mid June when you can finally say your first year ends!

The link to all the key dates is here in case you want to check specific dates. Happy days and exciting times are coming for you, so don`t feel anxious and confused, everything will come into place!

Enjoy your graduation ball!

Lusi xx