Kitty Cafe in London

Hey guys!

As the end of my degree at Surrey is nearly approaching, I am getting nostalgic about all the cool places I have visited in London and all the ones I still haven’t seen! Therefore, this reminds me of a cute memory I had there…

I`m going to warn you now! If you`re not a cat lover you should stop reading this blog because this will be the main topic of my blog today! Obviously, I know that there is a big rivalry between dog and cat lovers and as I like them both, my next blog will be about dogs. Then everyone will be happy, right?

So, it was obviously a rainy day in London and I had a friend visiting me on that day. We had already seen the campus and Guildford, so we were thinking of going to London. Of course, we didn`t want to come back soaking wet, that`s why we looked up different untraditional places people would visit there. And there it was – we had the opportunity to pay £5 to sit around small and big kitties and stroke and play with them. To be fair, this sounded like a dream come true to me, as I wanted a kitty since I was little, but I never got one, until my parents decide to take one home when I already left Bulgaria.. unfair, right?

It was decided! We booked the tickets online ( this is the website for anyone who wants to experience it, too – ) and we took the train. It was a bit of a long way from Waterloo station where we always arrive, but we made it! The café was cute and small, designed like a home apartment and based on two floors. Everyone had to take off their shoes and clean their hands with an antibacterial gel. Then we were finally allowed to start the adventure!

We got allocated to a table for two downstairs and we ordered tea and cake from a wide selection on the menu. In the meantime, all these cute little and not so little creatures were casually walking around, rubbing off your legs and sitting in your lap. There was one particular kitty which was the favorite to everyone – it had the saddest expression on its face and the only thing you could imagine doing was cuddling all day with it. (picture below) All the cats in this place were so lazy, though! They seemed like they were so used to the attention that they didn`t care if you were going to stroke them or not. Nevertheless, this experience was a great chance for me to relax from the stressful exam period because you know what they say, cats are able to absorb the negative energy from you!

So, to all the cat lovers here – don`t miss this place! I heard there are many other places like this one which are waiting for you to explore! Just research and do it, you won`t regret it! University life is not only about doing your exams and partying with other students. You can always find awesome things to do and see which will make you feel even more grateful for the opportunities you get!

Improve your stroking skills and get ready for a lot of fur and paws!