Dog Therapy

Hey there and congratulations to the end of one big chapter of your life!

As you are about to open a brand new page, I will move your attention to another cute topic – dogs, or how they can help you through exams at Surrey.

Every semester, by the end of it, the Students Union organizes a Dog Therapy to relieve some exam stress. All kinds of dog shelters come to university to tell the students about their missions and to let them pet the dogs. The point of this event is to keep the students`minds off studies for a bit and give them the chance to pet these fluffy creatures. It is completely for free and it makes you think for a moment there are other things going on in life apart from exams.

There was one particular doggy which traveled all the way from Australia after living couple of years there. His ticket cost £5000 and his owner just could not leave him behind. Another one went from house to house to talk to seniors with dementia and another one quietly stood by kids with reading problems. All these dogs were so awesome! It`s funny how at university you are able to hear stories that are so simple and yet they manage to calm your mind down.

I do not know if I got more relaxed after the dog therapy or I convinced myself that they helped me, but surely I went home ready to ace my exams.

Wish me luck and wait for my next blog 🙂