The end of my degree

Here it is… one of my last blogs.

I just finished my exams, which was very very exhausting, I`m not going to lie. Managed to send my parcels of stuff piling up for 3 years in my room and donated a big bag of clothes, bags and shoes – that was exhausting, too. So, this feels very real now.

I don`t know what to tell you exactly about the feeling you get when you`re about to leave. It`s almost like you can`t realize it`s happening. I am going through all my memories from year 1 until now and it still doesn`t make me that sad. It`s a confusing feeling, I`m thinking about all the things I could`ve done better and about all the things I`m about to do. It`s exciting and at the same time very scary. The difference between now and 12th grade in high school is that if you had help before or you had someone to give you a little push, now the choices are entirely yours and you will be responsible for everything you do. Now what matters the most is what you do next and how you do it. If u eventually decide to take a graduate job – make sure you are ready for it. If you continue your education with a master program – make sure you choose the one that you really want and the one that suits you best. If you take a year off to travel – make sure you come up with a good back up story about why you decided to do it and what you learned from it for future interviews.

I`m not going to bother you with information on how your moving out process can be done, as there is still a long time to go for you. I just want to reassure you that there is plenty of help at university and online to arrange it – storages, parcel deliveries services, Tesco, where you can get your carton boxes from for free, Accommodation services to give you advices, etc.

I`m off to Bulgaria now to enjoy the sun and the beach. Expect my last blog around my graduation around 12th July!

Enjoy the start of your summer!