It was nice having you here!

After my long absence, I`m here to tell you this is my last blog!

I have quite a good reason for not being here, though – I had my graduation ceremony coupled with traveling and moving out of my house in the UK!┬áIt`s been a crazy month and now that it`s over I am quite sad for leaving Surrey! Believe me or not, in the past few weeks I`ve been going through all my memories from year 1 until my ceremony on the 12th July. It goes without saying that there have been ups and downs, happy and sad moments, start of long lasting relationships and end of other relationships.

Each one of you will go through these 3 or 4 years of your degree and you will experience it yourself, you will make your own memories and social circles and you will write your own story with an appropriate ending. I really don`t want to ruin the positive and even surprising feeling you will get from attending your graduation and experiencing it all with your fellow classmates. I will just strongly encourage you to not miss your ceremony for anything! I really didn`t expect it would be so energizing and satisfying!

I won`t give you any more details and I hope you will all feel as happy as I did when your day to graduate comes! As for now, I wish you a wonderful summer and a great start of your degree wherever you decide to go! Never stop aiming high and never forget to enjoy the ride on your way up.

It was a pleasure giving you advices, hints or simply telling you stories about university. I hope it was helpful and interesting and never patronizing or boring!

Best of luck and loads of courage to you all!

Hugs and kisses,