Surrey meets Bulgaria

Learn about life at Surrey from a current Bulgarian student.

Dog Therapy

Hey there and congratulations to the end of one big chapter of your life! As you are about to open a brand new page, I will move your attention to another cute topic – dogs, or how they can help you through exams at Surrey. Every semester, by the end of it, the Students Union […]

Kitty Cafe in London

Hey guys! As the end of my degree at Surrey is nearly approaching, I am getting nostalgic about all the cool places I have visited in London and all the ones I still haven’t seen! Therefore, this reminds me of a cute memory I had there… I`m going to warn you now! If you`re not a […]

Semesters and Holidays

Hey there! Happy High School Graduation to all school leavers! I hope you`re all ready for 24th May and I suppose most of you made up their minds about which university they should go to! In case you chose Surrey, I will give you now some information about the time schedule of the university so […]

!Accommodation after your first year!

Hello everyone! I`m back on track with blogs after a long break with a lot of studying, unfortunately… Hope you`re all getting ready for your state exams and you already made your choices about universities (Surrey as one of your choices, hopefully). Today I`ll be blogging about a very important topic – accommodation after first […]

Children of the World

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you`re enjoying your free time until exams come! Today I want to share with you one of the main reasons why I feel so happy to be at Surrey. Since I went abroad to study I had the chance to meet people from various countries and with extremely interesting backgrounds. […]


Hey everyone! I know it`s time for you to think about accommodation and I wanted to tell you about the options you have here at Surrey. In your first year you will be living in campus accommodation which will be either on the main campus where the library and most of the facilities are or […]