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PhD Studentship in Computational Mechanics of Porous Metallic Materials

We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated person who meets the academic requirements for enrollment for the PhD degree at the University of Surrey. The Award The scholarship provides a tax-free stipend of £15,000 per year and UK/EU tuition fees. This studentship is funded by the European Commission. This scholarship can be awarded to […]

How realistically is air quality compliance followed?

The current practice in many developing part of the world for assessing the air quality compliance is based on simple computation of the count of number of exceedences in a given year, without giving any consideration to the distribution function of an pollutant in the ambient air.

Infrastructure systems and geographical maps

One of the pleasures on studying infrastructure networks is the abundance of geographical maps. A good map tells more than a thousand words, and it is often through maps that we can gain understanding and communicate how infrastructure systems interact. Maps do not simply relay the world as it is, but rather give a particular […]

“Blue Sky” in Megacities!

The colour of sky in most megacities (population >10 million) is rarely “blue” nowadays! This is because the densely packed high-rise buildings severely restrict the self-cleaning capabilities of compactly populated cities. Ever growing number of on-road vehicles, resuspension of the dust, and anthropogenic activities have been found to exacerbate the levels of ambient air pollution. […]

Mechanical testing in the structures lab

Mechanical testing in the structures lab is probably the most reliable method to fully understand how materials and loading interact in different types of structures such as plates, beams or columns. Physical and theoretical models are very useful towards understanding the basic behaviour, although when dealing with materials such as steel, concrete or glass there […]

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