Health Monitoring: Cars vs Bridges

The average price for a new car in the UK is around £20,000 and according to the Daily Telegraph on 11 February 2011, there are over 31 million registered cars in the UK. Average annual maintenance of a car would cost around £300.00 and the average life of a car in the UK is probably around 1 years. Yet, a modern car has over 200 sensors to provide necessary data to optimize its performance and increase its service life.

In the comparison, Bridge infrastructure in the UK, which totals at around 150,000 and their capital cost runs in Trillions.  The design life of a bridge is expected to be 120 years and good few hundred million pounds are spent on their maintenance and repair every year. Yet, some parts of the bridge community have a strong view that it is not worthwhile to install sensors to monitor the bridges.

Any suggestions?