Nanoparticles from sources around us!

Road vehicles are known to be the largest contributor to the airborne nanoparticles in polluted urban environments. The heavy duty vehicles (HDV; i.e. truck, diesel buses) are known to be the largest contributor of airborne nanoparticles among road vehicles. Other on-vehicle sources of nanoparticles have not got much attention, but our recent work titled as “Nanoparticle emissions from 11 non-vehicle exhaust sources” published in Elsevier journal Atmospheric Environment and highlighted some interesting stats with respect to sources around us. For instance, each km of distance driven by a HDV produce of the order of 1000 billion (~1015) nanoparticles. One kg of fast wood burning produces nearly the same number of particles as for each km driven by a heavy duty vehicle. About 1 min of cooking on gas can produce the similar particle numbers generated by ~10 min of cigarette smoking or 1 m travel by a HDV.”

This full article can be accessed by clicking here to know more about other potential sources of nanoparticles and their dispersion, related exposure and health impacts, as well as state of current policies, guidelines and technical challenges to regulate them.