Double dilemma – when you travel in your car!

Our recent work titled as “The behaviour of traffic produced nanoparticles in a car cabin and resulting exposure rates” was recently published in Elsevier journal Atmospheric Environment. This research work highlighted the fact that when you are driving your car from your office to home at a typical urban route, the exposure to tiny sized (less than 100 nm in diameter) nanoparticles inside your car cabin can be several times higher than the exposure during cycling or walking along the road sides on the same route.

Double dilemma – Having better filtration system, which is normally available in new cars, can reduce ingress of nanoparticles into the car cabin. At traffic lights or very close to the tailpipe of the vehicle ahead, air taken from outside is much more polluted than inside and can still increase the concentrations to notable levels despite going through filters. Conversely, limiting ventilation to restrict the uptake of outside air into the cabin can lead to excessive CO2 and heat accumulation – again, not good for health!

This full article can be accessed by clicking here to learn more about the outcome of this research study.