ICE Scholarship Scheme social event: celebrating 12 years of success

Every year the Scholarship Scheme organizes a social event for its scholars and sponsors. This year a total of 180 people attended the evening event which took place on the 9th of May at Hill Side Restaurant, University of Surrey. It was fantastic to see such a great turnout which included scholars who are currently doing their placements in companies, representatives of the Institution of Civil Engineers, alumni and representatives from industry who are actively involved in this scheme.

This year this event was particularly special as Dr. DR Griffiths, one of the main founders and current ICE Scholarship Scheme coordinator, went on retirement. Bob gave a very passionate overview of the last 12 years of the Scholarship Scheme covering from the early days on how the scheme was set up to its current days. This scheme has sponsored 214 scholars over the last 12 years and has currently slightly under 100 students sponsored by companies getting professional experience whilst doing the degree. For more information about the scheme click here.

During the evening, the different representatives highlighted the main strength of the scheme which is that “it benefits everyone: scholars, companies and industry”. Mike Burnett on behalf of the alliance of companies and management committee summarized the outstanding work of Bob Griffiths who turned this idea into reality and made it solid and successful through the years. The scholars, represented by Michael Frazer, also showed their appreciation and commitment to the scheme. A great example of this was the fact that the organization of the event was carried out by scholars through their Scholarship Committee.