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Double dilemma – when you travel in your car!

Our recent work titled as “The behaviour of traffic produced nanoparticles in a car cabin and resulting exposure rates” was recently published in Elsevier journal Atmospheric Environment. This research work highlighted the fact that when you are driving your car from your office to home at a typical urban route, the exposure to tiny sized […]

Nanoparticles from sources around us!

Road vehicles are known to be the largest contributor to the airborne nanoparticles in polluted urban environments. The heavy duty vehicles (HDV; i.e. truck, diesel buses) are known to be the largest contributor of airborne nanoparticles among road vehicles. Other on-vehicle sources of nanoparticles have not got much attention, but our recent work titled as […]

How Air Pollution Affects Built Infrastructure?

We all have seen various structures around us deteriorating because of several reasons. Air pollution, which is known to affect the human health, also play a crucial role in affecting the health of various materials used in buildings and transport infrastructure. Our recent article titled as “Footprints of air pollution and changing environment on the […]

Postdoc research opportunity on Structural Engineering

We are currently seeking to recruit a Research Fellow on the EPSRC funded project “Structural performance of slab-column connections under impact and blast loading”. The project will look at the dynamic behaviour of this type of joint regions (Fig. 1) in order to develop a mechanical model that can be applied in design and analysis. […]

Water in the news

This blog was originally posted on the website. Last month it was announced that we have met the UN Millennium Development Goal for water, with over 2 billion people having gained access to drinking-water since 1990. But do these people really have access to safe water, and for how long with these systems last?