You CAN do this. You CAN succeed. You CAN be a Nurse.

So……here goes. I was approached by the lovely Ellie to write something or anything about being a Children’s Nurse. And, I thought to myself that there are a million and one things I can talk about and advise others on. But it came across to me that as a Student Nurse I am the worst at taking advise. But a good friend of mine told me not too long ago that it is okay to take a break and it’s okay to feel like your failing. But as long as you get up and begin a new day, everything will simply be okay.

The last couple of months have been very hard for me balancing university assignments, placements and a job. Being an independent student means that when things got tough I felt like I was alone and had no where or no one to turn to. And, that feeling is like no other. Your trying to hold everything together and make sure your doing the absolute best in everything you can do. It means that your pulling yourself in all different angles and eventually your going to snap.

If any one else is feeling disheartened, alone and pressured to succeed please remember one simple piece of advise. Your not alone. Being a nursing student is hard. But it’s WORTH it for me one single moment of a happy child or thankful parent, it changes everything. You CAN do this. You CAN succeed. You CAN be a Nurse.

Author: Millie Ashworth, 1st Year Student

Disclaimer: This blog contains personal opinions of students only and does not necessarily represent the views of the Children’s Nursing team, School of Health Sciences or the University of Surrey.

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