Elective Placement in the UK

The elective placement is what everyone sorts of dreads when they first get told about it because they have to sort it all out independently… ps it’s not that bad. 

Many people have had the amazing opportunity to do their Elective placement all around the world, such as Bali, Cambodia, South Africa, Mexico etc. Seeing the wonderful and unique cultures each country has to offer, as well as being lucky enough to help and support those in more deprived areas and just gaining an incredible experience. But for some us, we didn’t decide to do this- and this can be due to many different reasons, but it really doesn’t matter. 

I carried out my 4-week elective placement in Frimley Park which is a large general hospital in sunny Surrey, more specifically though, I did it in the Paediatric A&E. Before starting my placement here, I had already heard great things about the hospital and especially the Paeds A&E. Therefore, when I started I did have high hopes of what it was going to be like- and it most definitely didn’t disappoint! 

I have never had an A&E placement prior to this one, so I was going in blind and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. I do all my clinical placements at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, so not only am I starting a whole different placement I have had no experience with but going to a new hospital, with no idea how it runs or where anything is ever!!! The amount of times I got lost, just in the A&E.. Luckily though, everyone was absolutely lovely and I got to work with some fellow students of mine who made the experience that little bit more fun. 

Big-up to Frimley Park Paeds A&E though, the staff were all absolutely incredible and all wanting to teach you everything, even when it was extremely busy. I learnt so much whilst on this placement such as DKA and the science behind it, resus and trauma situations and just the normal ‘how to glue a head’ (as you get millions a day) but also, linked to that, how to treat and care for head injuries and what you need to tell parents to look out for when they go home etc- and loads more. 

You get to see so much when on any placement and I just want to put across that you can have an amazing placement in the UK and be just as beneficial as it would be if having a placement internationally. You have just got to make the most out of it and do as much as you can- as you would on any placement! 

Author: Amber Slater-Winter, Year 3 Student

Disclaimer: This blog contains personal opinions of students only and does not necessarily represent the views of the Children’s Nursing team, School of Health Sciences or the University of Surrey.

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