Children's Nursing at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of the Children's Nursing students at Surrey

Practice Module 1

The massive burning question I had in the back of mind before starting uni was: “What will happen if I get everything wrong and don’t remember my basic skills?”. All I can say is that I had nothing to worry about at all. Practice module one incorporates both hands on skills as well as classroom learning, meaning […]

Thanks for the feedback…but now what?

#HellomynameisSarah and I’m a Teaching Fellow in Child Health Nursing at the University of Surrey. I’ve been nursing for a little over 20 years now and I’ve received a fair amount of clinical and academic feedback in that time – some if it very helpful and some of it…well, not so much!  So, what makes good feedback and how […]

So why nursing?

I remember when I was a child the one thing I wished was that I had the same colour eyes (Fun fact: one’s blue and the other is green!). I’ve wished I was a little smarter and even a little shorter sometimes, but one thing I wish now is that I’d have just one answer […]

S.E.L.F Care

Hello my name is Deborah. I am a second year student studying Children’s Nursing. I have just finished my first 7 weeks of placement for this year and I have learned so much; not just about nursing but about myself and the safety measures I need to put in place if I am ever going […]

Thinking of an elective placement abroad?

Personal experience –  I always wanted to experience healthcare in a different country and it definitely lived up to its expectations. Be organised! Choose your destination wisely. I was volunteering in a day clinic for children in South Africa. The clinic was funded by the government so healthcare was paid for those who could not […]

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