Evolution is mobile now!

by Pablo Gonzalez Alonso
BSc Computer Science 2010

After graduating at Surrey, I had the chance to start my career as a mobile developer (or mobile monkey as I like to call it). More precisely, I started doing Android and iOS applications. It has given me a deeper view of computing on the go.

Since the beginnings of computing, similarly to other engineer fields, we have excelled ourselves on producing smaller, more powerful and efficient products. Whenever we think we are at the summit, we find that there is still a long and exciting way to go up. This shrinking of hardware size has meant that now it’s possible to carry the power of what used to be a mainframe, occupying entire rooms, inside our pockets or backpacks. Something that my grandfather thinks is pure science fiction, even though he has one of them.

There is no doubt that technology has found a great place in our lives. It’s changing the way we live and interact with each other. Recently, Stephen Hawking said: “The Human Species Has Entered a New Stage of Evolution”. He talked about how, at this point in time, information is created and transferred by humans at very high rates. About 50,000 books are published in English every year. Much of this information may not be useful at all. However, as Hawking mentions, this process mimics the way we instinctually have transferred information through natural selection by the means of DNA. Creating useful and not so useful data that is discriminated if needed to disappear.

The jump of computers, and the Internet, to our pockets means that we are continually producing and consuming information. It could be “tweeting” how nice the tomato sauce is at your favourite italian restaurant or reporting on natural disasters. It can also increase people’s creativity and allows ideas (whether useful or not) to be promoted, shared and kept alive.

I truly agree with Hawking’s statement and believe we are very lucky to live the time we do. I sometimes have a thought that makes me rejoice. I look at all the things we are capable of engineer today. Travel back 100 years in my head, and realize that no one at that time has even a mere speculation of what the future is bringing. Coming back to the present I realize that what is coming up in the future is going to be beyond incredible. Often, I try to get my mind to imagine what future technology will be like.

Generally, it could be say that what is coming is going to be incredible, it’s going to change our lives to even more extents and mobile technology is going to have a leading part in this process.