Computing Placement Students at DECC

Just a glimpse into the work life of our students who did their industrial placement at DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change). DECC supported our students with training on Oracle (SQL and PL/SQL) and on their in-house FOX system along with XML and XPath. Chris Phillips, Tom Arthey, and William Hughes share their experience with us.

Tom had the opportunity to see how DECC interact with industry such as with Fivium and was also given the responsibility of the webmaster back-up for the Oil and Gas website. Moreover, he was involved in the use and testing of development work at DECC. Of all the social events, his most memorable trip was when Fivium took them to see Cirque du Soleil.

For Will, it was an extremely rewarding experience in terms of both technical work and professional experience. He learned to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines, teamwork, and the set of skills required in industry. As a result, he now have a clear understanding of what he wants from future job prospects and how to build on his knowledge gained from his undergraduate studies at Surrey.

Chris not only enjoyed the educational part of his placement, but also the social aspect of professional life. For instance, the office is centrally located in London which means trips out to lunches and the pubs, and monthly events which were fully paid for. All the developers were really supportive and helpful, which made his placement enjoyable. He strongly recommends anyone considering a placement to apply at DECC.