International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks – 2012

By Kendi Muchungi

The Department of Computing had a strong contribution at ICANN this year with four papers accepted for oral presentation. These papers included submissions by Miss Noorani Yusoff: Pair-associate Learning with Modulated Spike-Time Dependent Plasticity, Mr. Panagiotis Ioannou: Evaluating the Effect of Spiking Network Parameters on Polychronization, Mrs. Ioana Sporea: Classification of Distorted Patterns by Feed-forwerd Spiking Neural Networks and Miss Kendi Muchungi: Simulating Light Adaptation in the Retina with Rod-Cone Coupling. These papers showcased the diversity within our department, because they covered fields that traversed both Brain inspired computing and Machine learning research: Spiking Dynamics, Complex Firing Patterns and From Sensation to Perception. These research were supervised/co-supervised by Dr. Andre Gruning, Dr. Matthew Casey and Dr. Scott Notley. For more details, see below.