Workshop on Near Field Communication 2013



By Ali Alshehri


Last Tuesday, I was in Zurich Switzerland, to present my first paper at the 5th International Workshop on Near Field Communication (NFC2013).  It was an amazing event, gathering different perspectives of research on this emerging technology. Our paper was presented at the session on security where only two papers were accepted.

At the conference, I tried to demonstrate the importance and significance of our method in analysing security protocols. The tool we used was CasperFDR, which generates CSP models, yielding an abstract description of the protocol. It circumvents the long and tedious task of writing the model directly by CSP; this is what NFC community really needs! I provided comprehensive explanations on the analysis of NFC M-coupon protocols. The analysis  first spots an attack on the protocol, and then addresses the vulnerability formally. I showed how to use it to capture some of the mobile coupon properties as well.

I enjoyed the presentation and the discussion at that lovely university. I take this opportunity to thank my supervisors, Prof Steve Schneider, Dr Johann Briffa, and Dr Stephan Wesemeyer, for their constructive feedback.