Graduation Day 2013!



By Clive Cheong Took


The day finally arrived. It was the day when we celebrate the success and hard work of our students. Graduation day!

It all started in AP building, where all those involved in the ceremony fetched their robes for the special occasion. However warm it was, it was a proud moment to wear the ceremonial robes on this special day. At 10 am, the academic procession approached the altar where the presentation of the awards would be held. The Cathedral of Guildford was well attended, with parents, friends and close ones, taking pictures and watching the academic procession. The Pro-Chancellor Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone presented the awards and conferment of Honorary and First Degrees.

In this year’s cohort, there were 53 graduates on the programme of BSc in Computer Science, one graduate in BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, 20 graduates for the programme of BSc in Computing and Information Technology, and 35 for the joint 2+2 programme with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) in China. The ceremony also provided the perfect opportunity to announce those who have excelled in their studies. Here is the list of prize winners of the Department of Computing.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change Prize – Awarded for the best performance on any of the BSc Computing programmes in the final year.

Alexander James Robert Greenland

Natasha Jane Morgan

The Fivium Prize – Awarded for the best overall performance by a final year Computing student on the FHEQ6 module, Enterprise Systems Development.

Alexander James Robert Greenland

The IBM Prize – Awarded for the best final year first semester performance on the BSc Computer Science programme.

Theo Max Grimshaw

James Rumble

The IBM Prize – Awarded for excellent placement year performance on a BSc programme in the Department of Computing.

William Hughes

Andrew Smith

Daniel Charles Taylor

The Thoughtified Prize – Awarded for the best demonstration of web innovation in a final year project of any undergraduate programme in the Department of Computing.

Natasha Jane Morgan

The Department of Computing Prize – Awarded for the best project.

William Hughes

Nikola Loncar

The Department of Computing Prize – Awarded for the best all round performance.

Thomas David Arthey

After the ceremony, the graduates gathered at the entrance of the Cathedral to take souvenir photographs with their fellow lecturers. Needless to say that the traditional throw-in-the-air of the hats was also captured by our professional photographer, Dr Jonathan Clark. The Marquee lunch was then served, where parents, graduates and members of the academic staff could mingle and chit chat. This memorable day was concluded by a “tea and cake” reception hosted at the Department of Computing to have one last opportunity to catch up with lecturers. Some graduates already turned up at 13.45, although the tea party was meant to start at 14.00! We were happy to learn that many of our students have already planned ahead. For example, Thomas Leaton was offered a job at Thales, whereas Andrew Smith wanted to stay with us a little longer by opting to go for our MSc in Internet Computing. The well attended tea party was a success, given that it was run for the first time and lasted much longer than it was intended for! For some students, it all ended where it all started: in our seminar room, which traditionally hosts our applicant/open days.

We hope that you will leave Surrey with happy memories. Keep in touch via our Facebook and LinkedIn. Special thanks to those who attended and to the Alumni team for the Department of Computing, under the leadership of Dr Lilian Tang.