13th International Conference on Automated Verification of Critical Systems (AVoCS)


by Stathis Stathakidis


This year our Computing Department had the pleasure to host the 13th International Conference on Automated Verification of Critical Systems. The organisers tried hard and succeeded in organising an excellent conference. Researchers from all around the world, such as those from Oxford University, Japan Advanced Centre of Technology and McMaster University of Canada contributed to this event and all the talks were of huge interest.

Personally, I had the great opportunity to present our work and get valuable feedback which helped me to identify new challenges and how to tackle them. Due to the diversity of the presentations, I attended all the sessions of this 3-day event and some of the presentations were closely related to my research. More specifically, I found the talk by A. Lomuscio on Verification of multi-agent systems via model-checking very fascinating. Additionally, the talk on Verifying sequence diagrams using the process algebra CSP from T. Kaizu, Y. Isobe and M. Suzuki was very close to my interests.

Not only the conference was well organised but the after-session events as well. The formal conference dinner was held in an Italian restaurant in Guildford town centre and the first day’s dinner was in a traditional pub. During the coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, I had the chance to get in touch with most of the participants and discuss about their research interests, approaches and methods in more details.

Attending and presenting my work in a conference like this was really beneficial for my future research and networking with other researchers gave me some new ideas and techniques to try. I strongly recommend and encourage all FMS students to submit their work in conferences like this.