End of Year Party 2014!


By Jorden Whitefield


On the 15th of December the Computing department held its first undergrad Beer and Pizza evening! With nibbles and lots of Cheesy music including Lady Java.

The event was well attended by students, academics and staff where final years had the chance to mingle and see a different side of the academics outside the labs.
As part of the evening there were retro games featuring 007 Golden Eye, Smash Brothers and the overly competitive Mario Kart.

Throughout the evening everyone had the chance to bag themselves some Surrey swag featuring USBs, Picture Frame (Stock family photo included), T-Shirts, Notebook (the kind made of paper) and pen, key rings and some Wines for the more sophisticated types (did someone say free Wine?). Of course the prizes came at a price… of fun challenges! Games included:

– Parse the Parcel: Winner Yatin
– Pin the antennae on the Robot: Winner Andreas A
– Poker: Winner Ben
– Musical Chairs, the most brutal of all sports!
– Name that Lecturer through their Baby Photos: Winner Ben
– Raffle: Won by many others

Poker was one of everyone’s favourite games of the night featuring Tony Ho’s ($100) and Steve Wese-dollars ($50).
If there is one thing I will not forget about my Surrey experience it had to be watching Musical Chairs played by Tony, Andre, Saeid and the students. Many bums were knocked off seats and roars of frustration heard.

The evening was enjoyed by all and on behalf of all students I would like to say a massive Thank You to Sarah, Denise, Sotiris and Tony for arranging the evening.

Happy New Year 2015!


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