ICMV 2014 The 7th International Conference on Machine Vision


By Amin Safaei


The 7th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV) took place in Milan, Italy, from 19th-21th November 2014, which was located at Novotel Hotel venue near Viale Suzzani.

Research areas were about Machine Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Analysis ,Imaging Sensors , Color and Texture Analysis , Segmentation, Motion and Tracking, Stereo Vision , Biometrics, Recognition, Computer Vision and Image Analysis, Active Vision, Early Vision, Feature Extraction, Motion Analysis, Pattern Recognition and Basic Technologies, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks.

The conference chairs were Prof. Antanas Verikas, Halmstad University, Sweden, Prof. Branislav Vuksanovic, School of Engineering University of Portsmouth, UK (Workshop Chair of ICDSP) and Prof. Garcia-Teodoro, Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Periodista Daniel Saucedo Aranda, Spain (Workshop Chair of ICCNS).

There were many opportunities to discuss my work with leading academics in the field of image processing. Moreover, I was able to network with other researchers in my area of interest.  As two other conferences took place at the same location (i.e. 4th International Conference on Communication and Network Security and the International Conference on Digital Signal Processing), I seized the opportunity to attend some sessions from these conferences as well. That’s what I call “being productive!

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