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Winner of the RuleML Challenge for the second year running

The RuleML Initiative brings together delegates from Academia and Industry who have a shared interest in Web rules. This is a wide-ranging initiative, and is a natural forum for the Digital Ecosystems Group’s work on business modelling for the Web using the OMG’s Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR). Last week, Alexandros Marinos […]

Dennis Ritchie: a Quieter Revolutionary

By Paul Krause Along with many, my first “real” programming started with reading “K & R”, the book on the C programming language that Dennis Ritchie co-authored with Brian Kernighan. This “quirky but successful” language was the invention of Ritchie and is the foundation upon which most of the currently used programming languages, C++, Java […]

Experiencing Google B.O.L.D. Immersion Programme

by Sam Ames BSc Computing and Information Technology Level 2, 2011-12 Prior to starting my second year of BSc Computing and Information Technology, I was very grateful to receive one of twenty invitations to visit the Google UK offices, Victoria Street, London, and participate in the very first U.K. Google B.O.L.D. Immersion programme: “Building Opportunities […]

Alumni linking up with us again

by Helen Treharne The Careers Service is holding a careers and placements fair on Thursday 13 October. Over 100 organisations will be present to help students to find out about opportunities. This is an opportunity for students to find out about vacancies, talk directly to employers and get an insight into their organisation and company […]

Computing Meets Image Processing in Brussels

By Shujun Li Last week I attended this year’s International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2011) in Brussels, Belgium. ICIP is not a computing style conference, but an EE (electronic engineering) one. Since many image processing problems can be solved effectively by computing methods, ICIP is also attended by many computer scientists and mathematicians. As […]

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