Day 3

Day 3:  Jennifer, Susie, Ann Dickie and Malcolm McInnes

Malcolm sets us a task to devise a short sequence in response to one of the pieces of fabric he has shown us, for what it evokes from our pasts, for its sensuous and movement qualities and for its potential – where does it suggest we might go?  We show these singly in silence, then Malcolm feeds back on what he sees, those watching guess which fabric we have each picked, we explain ideas which surfaced.  Initially difficult, but the material proves to be rich and personal, plumbing some deep and even painful feelings.  I would like to work more on this – not satisfied with my execution, but very impressed with the potential of the task and very moved by JJ’s and AD’s fragments.

We explore these sequences again against some Bach and swapping tops and wraps to see which shapes and styles we are most at home in.  Malcolm probes our preferences and fashion insecurities sympathetically – it feels as though there are as yet no rules for what the older dancer should wear, what is it that we want to convey and express through our dress?