Jumping forward a few days

Jumping forward a few days –

Susie and I met yesterday to refine material that we will present today at the United Reformed Church Hall – a venue that she has used for informal dance presentation in north Oxford. Our experiment with Malcolm and Andrew on Tuesday with structures for our improvisation informs our plan. We’ll present a mix of personal dance reflections and formal exploration in a short programme:

Signature –  Sleeping Beauties – Pulse – Fragmentation – Haiku  – Rhythm and Melody

Reflections on how the physical body is coping! I manage a 30 year old injury to my hip … and whilst we worked long hours last week an underlying anxiety – anticipating the physical fall out from pushing my body too far – is answered so far by a feeling of re-generation rather than stiffness and pain.

Am I dancing in a different way now that I am older?  And if so how? If dancing keeps you ‘young’ – how does this happen? Dancing now I am older ‘feels’ good … it helps realise the potential in the body for re-generation. Movement implies change of some description – I observe the way that moving the body can generate a sense of physical harmony that affects the mind/mood and whole being. The body will naturally want to find its centre of gravity and dancing plays with that  – alignment and change of weight resolved around the centre.  If the conditions are right – the dancing happens.

But does the stress of ‘performance’ induce a different set of body/mind responses?  My objective then today –  to explore the older dancing and performer self.