Reflection – work in progress

Reflecting on work in progress on Saturday:

We had an audience of 35 and mix of ages.  We had allowed ample time for but the pressure to set up etc meant we sketched some parts.

So the experience of feeling the structures and narratives of the material itself to emerge in front of an audience was real.  I was thankful for a sympathetic audience comprising local people, Susie’s adult ballet class attendees and family contacts. Their curiosity and openness to view what was set before them helped set the tone in which we the performers all felt able to explore. Although we as a group have been working for the past 2 weeks only, our collaborations with each other Susie and Malcolm with DEC Drawing dance group and Susie and mine over the past 30 years, reach well in to the past. An aim of project is to allow connections between our practices and selves as artists to surface and give shape to the sparks.  The ability to be fully present is key – and – on this showing – the structure and material supports our explorations.  There are 19 sheets of feedback notes and a fruitful discussion to digest after the event. A key question returns. If we wish inhabit the world of music and dance on its own terms, how much ‘hard’ information in the way of programme notes/verbal clues does an audience need to enter in (for this piece of work)? Plenty more to reflect on …

But now on with the second stage of the project and working with Ann, Deborah, Susie and Simon on dancing the invisible with Bach.