Gender Equality in HE

Committees with Implicit Biases Promote Fewer Women when They Do Not Believe Gender Bias Exists. A paper by Isabelle Régner et al. about biases in hiring committees and how to try and compensate them. Its finding highlights the importance of educating evaluative committees about gender biases.

Moving Academia beyond the Gender Binary. A paper by J.J. Eldridge, which identifies important steps that can be taken to make the academic environment welcoming for transgender and gender diverse students and staff, as well as presenting examples where these steps have been successful.

Gender and Academia: Inequalities, Precarities, Intersections. A summary by Giovanni Mirouh (not vetted by the speaker) of the seminar given by Tamsin Hinton-Smith’s seminar at the University of Surrey. This talk draws on experience in higher education teaching and research over twenty years in the UK and internationally, with a focus around issues of inequalities, inclusion and exclusions in higher education, that includes but is not restricted to gender. Hinton-Smith is a sociologist of gender and education, including former Co-Director of the Sussex Centre for Gender Studies. She has nearly twenty years of experience teaching and researching in higher education, with a central focus around HE participation inequalities for different groups including lone parents, care experienced young people, and people from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) backgrounds.

Sexism in the Academy: Women’s Narrowing Path to Tenure. An article by Troy Vettese, highlighting the difficulties women face when trying to go all the way through a career in academia, with a lot of interesting points and references.

Resource Letter: GP-1: Gender and Physics. This Resource Letter by Jennifer Blue, Adrienne Traxler, and Geraldine Cochran introduces issues which influence the representation and participation of women in physics. It is intended for all physicists, regardless of subfield, who teach, advise, or work in research groups with other people.

Gender diversity in images. A few collections and search tools with stock images that reflect the broad gender spectrum.

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