Black History Month Oct 2021: Neurodiversity and Black Figures in History

October is a month that celebrates difference and raises awareness of Neurodiverse communities and Black figures in history. The Doctoral College encourages readers to explore this in an intersectional way.

We thank PGR Daisy Shearer in the Neurodiversity network for sharing the following links:

A helpful overview of Neurodiversity and Race: Neurodiversity: What is it and what does it look like across races?
An intersectional piece on Autism, Race and Gender: I’m an autistic, mixed race woman – let’s discuss intersectionality

Listen to black Researcher Tumi Sotire’s podcast: The Intersection Of Race And Neurodivergence: “The Black Dyspraxic” Shares On Overcoming BarriersNeurodiversity, Race and Culture with Jannett Morgan (podcast)