Starting this semester: Debate Forum for English and Languages students

This semester, I will be running a series of “Forums” for students at all levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) from the School of English and Languages to debate some ‘hot button’ political and social issues in a friendly and informal setting. This is an opportunity to have a real think about what your views are on a number of different topics and to discover what your friends and peers think too. It’s also a chance to apply your skills of argumentation in a context outside of your written work. Consider these sessions ‘extra-curricular’ and non-academic in nature.  Feel free to bring along any friends from outside the School, all are welcome. Staff are free to attend also. And Freshers are especially welcome!

I will chair these forums, but if anyone is interested in tabling motions ‘for’ or ‘against’ the issues send me an email. This is not at all a formal debating club, but if anyone wants to come with  a pre-prepared argument to help kick things off, that would be great.Some people have signed up to do this already, but the more the merrier!

Debate Forum for English and Languages sessions:

Wednesday, 16th October, 12pm-2pm (55AC05) – Topic: “Are students customers?”
Wednesday, 30th October, 12pm-2pm (55AC05)– Topic: “Thatcher: Was she good or bad for the country?”
Wednesday, 13th November, 12pm-2pm (55AC05) – Topic: “The Internet and Social Media: Have they changed the way we think? Are these changes good?”
Wednesday, 27th November, 12pm-2pm (55AC05) – Topic: “British Foreign Policy: Interventionism vs. Respecting State Sovereignty, or to what extent should the UK get involved with the affairs of other nations?”
Wednesday, 11th December, 12pm-2pm (55AC05) – Topic: TBC – suggestions welcome!

If you’d like to get involved, email me using