Ethics in Care

Our aim is to raise awareness and to stimulate reflection and debate on topics related to ethics and care.

The Reach of Church…

As I was writing this blog, reports came in of a church shooting in Texas, resulting in the death of 26 members of the congregation and at least 20 injured. The media focus thus far has been on preventative strategies such as arming volunteers at church services. A week ago, I was invited to a church […]

A just and loving eye…?

This week has been full-on with daily ‘Homecoming’ activities, for example, a parade, fashion show, pageant and football game (see below). This is a great way to entice back Alumni and bring them together with university staff and students for celebration of achievement and sport. Gaining some understanding of the complex and multi-faceted nature of Tuskegee bioethics requires engagement with […]

Kansas Exclusive: What the Wizard Knew

It seems impossible to be in Kansas without thinking of ‘the Wizard of Oz’. You know the story… Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are transported from Kansas to the Land of Oz. The house they travelled in lands on, and kills, the Wicked Witch of the East. The Good Witch of the North advises Dorothy that […]

What’s Special about Tuskegee?

Imagine you’re in a bar, earnestly engaged in an ethics-related discussion, when a man sidles up to you and says: ‘All this talk about ethics is just nonsense. It’s all a matter of opinion and there are no rights or wrongs.’ How would you respond? Would you like a one word answer? Or maybe you’d […]

Practising ‘slow’ in Tuskegee

Some of you know that I’ve written on ‘slow ethics’. Most of you know that I don’t do ‘slow’ well. A woman on a mission, it might be said, with high expectations and too little patience. Taking not enough time to enjoy the sunshine, listen to birdsong or to appreciate the serenity of her surroundings. Taking also too little […]

Arrival in Alabama – Sabbatical – Week 1

So here I am, first weekend at Tuskegee University on sabbatical as Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence. And with a good many questions. One for readers to begin with – What possible connection could there be between an older African-American shuttle bus driver and the Irish potato famine? More on this later. First questions first. How have I come […]

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