Arrival in Taiepei, Part 2 of the FNF

It is hard to believe that is already 4 weeks since I posted my first blog. In that time I have travelled around the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennesse, enjoyed the challenges of camping in the hottest October temperatures the US has seen since 1884, travelled back to the UK, and caught up […]

Blog 6: Welcome to Wollongong: week 6 of the FNF

Having safely arrived in Wollongong I was able to set up at this seaside location for the remainder of the trip, Wollongong, referred to as the ‘Gong’ by locals, is a seaside city about 1 ½ hrs down the coast from Sydney, and the location of a large steel works boasting an almost continuous chain […]

Blog 5: Settling in to Sydney: week 5 of the FNF

Heading up to the midpoint of my tour, I am looking forward to a more stationary existence in and around Sydney and Wollongong over the coming month. A visit to find out more about the ‘Geriatric Flying Squad’ a nurse practitioner led service, that offers proactive treatment to residents who live in aged care facilities […]

Blog 4: Bravo for Brisbane: Week 4 of FNF experience

An interesting twist, to my departure from Taiwan meant that I was sincerely relieved to board my 8hr flight to Brisbane on Sunday night. All was going well until I was asked about my visa for Australia. A slightly large oversight by me.  A white knuckle 33-minute wait later, I was the proud owner of […]

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