Amsterdam and back

Hello! At this point, all that’s left of my second year is four exams. We are currently in revision week, so the first week where everyone’s life is consumed by revision. This, however, did not stop me from going on a trip to Amsterdam with three friends from university over the weekend!

To go away on the weekend before revision week may seem like a silly idea, but we made up for it by starting revision earlier than usual – this reduced my stress immensely. We flew from Gatwick airport, which is only a 30-minute train ride from Guildford and because planned the trip months ago, we only paid £50 for both flights! I must say that my wanderlust has gotten so much worse since moving here – it is so affordable and accessible that it would be silly not to travel at every opportunity!

Amsterdam is such an amazing city with its canal system, flower markets and delicious street food. The city has so many nice parks and green spaces, my personal favourite is Vondelpark! You can spend an entire afternoon walking around the Jordaan neighborhood, which is the oldest area of the city and used to be the workers’ quarter. We visited various markets, including the famous flower market at the Singel canal and the large Waterlooplein flea market. When in Amsterdam, make sure to get tickets to the Anne Frank museum beforehand, as the queues can be very long. It is such an incredible and moving experience to see how this family hid in the apartment for 25 months. There are so many other amazing museums like the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum, but the Dutch also have a few very unique ones like a houseboat museum. One of my highlights of our trip has been renting out a pedal boat and seeing the houses and canals from a different perspective.

It was amazing to spend a few days travelling before focusing entirely on revision for three weeks – in my opinion it was definitely worth it! Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Have a wonderful day!