Sunrise trip to Richmond Park

Hi everyone! I’m officially in my last ever semester at Surrey and it’s been a busy one so far! Which is exactly why a few friends and I decided to plan a trip to Richmond park in London to see the sunrise.

Richmond park is located in the south-west of London and is one of the city’s eight Royal Parks, covering an area of 2500 acres. It’s a wonderful park to walk round, cycle or run through as it has wide open spaces, woods, two ponds and the Isabella Plantation, which is a woodland garden in the centre of the park. However, the highlight of the park is its six hundred and fifty deer! Although they are wild animals, the deer are so used to humans that it is easy to get close for great photo opportunities.

All in all the park is a great place to escape the pressures of everyday life! As it’s only a half an hour drive from Guildford, we decided to leave at 6 am to be there just in time for sunrise. It ended up being a lovely morning, catching up with friends, getting some good golden hour shots of the deer and the park in general, having coffee at the little park cafe and escaping uni work for a few hours. If you study in Guildford, I would highly recommend visiting the park at some point!

Here are a few impression of our trip: