Dissertation Series: Seminar Presentation

Here’s another post of my dissertation series and this one is about the seminar presentation. Every course is different when it comes to marking your dissertation, for some courses the actual written dissertation determines 100% of the final mark, whereas others have presentations and/or get marked by their supervisor. I study biochemistry, which means I had to give a presentation in mid March, presenting my preliminary results, and am also given a mark by my supervisor as I am doing a lab based project and thus interact with him quite a lot. These two marks contribute 20% each to my final mark, so my actual dissertation is actually ‘only’ worth 60% of the module.

For the seminar presentation, we were divided into about 25 groups of 10 students. The presentations were held in front of the allocated group and two professors, who marked the presentations. We had a lecture with the module organizer a few weeks before, who gave us all the information and useful tips on this assessment. We were told that the presentation should be around 10 minutes and cover the broad background of the project, aims, experimental approach, preliminary results, a discussion of the results and future experiments. As this is quite a lot to cover in 10 minutes, I decided to focus on only one of my three experiments and to go into as much detail as possible for this one. The two professors who marked our group were very interested and asked every student a number of questions, so be prepared and make sure to read around the topic to make sure you all the important information!

Now that the seminar presentation is done, I will finally start actually writing my dissertation. I feel like the presentation will help with this quite a lot as you already have a good ‘plan’ and have¬† already structured your project in an understandable way! However, I know the time off in April will still almost exclusively consist of dissertation writing, so wish me luck!