Valuing dementia care: Spare a thought for families, friends and formal carers…

Ann Gallagher, Professor of Ethics and Care

Lighthouse searchlight beam through marine air at night.

Many people have been touched by dementia and there is now much more public awareness regarding its impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. There remains too little recognition of the efforts made by families, friends and formal carers to enable people with dementia to live as well as possible. The value of these efforts is too seldom made public.

The responsibility to highlight examples of good care lies with the rest of us. A responsibility to share examples of good dementia care and positive efforts and consequences of care delivered by families, friends and formal carers. A responsibility to share positive initiatives such as the Time for Dementia project and the RIPE project.

It needs to be remembered that relentless negative reporting of care work is detrimental to care-givers and care-recipients and to the future of care work. 

Just recently, Ann Gallagher, coined the phrase ‘careism’ to highlight the dangers of colluding with an imbalanced view of care work. You can find the article here.