Guildford Picnic (1/04/2017)


How are you doing?

Lina here. Doing some double posting because last week, I’m not posting anything.

So, this week, double the fun XD

Anyway! Let’s get to the main topic XD

So, on Saturday this week, I went to picnic with fellow Indonesian that I am close with.

Well, since this week is the end of lecture before facing easter break. We finally decide to have a picnic in a park nearby the Guildford castle (yes, Guildford have a castle).

As we went there, I notice that it is already spring. A lot of flower beginnings to bloom and it was a beautiful sight.

So, It was a very good thing to have a picnic. Plus, the weather is very nice too.

It was a very tidy park and a lot of benches.

From young to old, they hangout there to get some sunlight and enjoy the scenery. Some were bringing their dogs to play catch.

We brought our own meal.

I usually cook and since I kinda have a lot of leftovers from previous day cooking, I brought it up. Plus, I went to Japan’s centre the day before XD
So I got a lot of food to share.

One of us brought card along, so we played some card games after done with our meal.

We chatted about everything (mostly anime because We met in anime society. Also, both are also joining Indonesian society. So, we kinda get a long pretty well).

They teach me how to play Poker and black jack (I’m so bad at gaming XD so… shame on me).
I won once, but oh well. We play for fun XD

As for Black Jack, we are betting using our food. So if we are in, the currency are the things we brought. I remember I was using my tea as a bet. (Not teaching you guys to gambling, but it’s just a game).

It was a bit of rain at that time. We thought it will be raining heavily, so we packed our stuff and end the game. But we thought wrong.

That’s a statue about Alice in Wonderland.

Apparently, Lewis Carol (the author of original Alice in Wonderland), was once living in Guildford. So, yeah… that’s how you remember someone. By making statue of your their work.

We found that on our way back.

However, it’s still to early to go home. So, we decided to watch a movie instead.

Ghost in The shell, staring Scarlet Johanson.
It was a good movie in my opinion. But some seems to not like it as the rating is 6 point something (forgot the exact number). They don’t like the content…

Scenery/visual, very appealing. Love it for that.
I hope I can watch it again because it looks dope to me XD

Once finish, we head to a restaurant called ‘Mead the Greek’.
Very delicious food, love the people and very welcoming. One of us (not me) was a regular in there, so… plus to us.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

As I mentioned last time, I will be going to MCM London in May. So, if you are a geek like me and want to know what is going on there.

Spoiler alert, it’s Massive event and attended by many people from almost all over the UK and some European. So, hang on to that XD

For now., see youuuu!!