Move In Move Out

Hey guys!!

How are you doing?

Lina’s here and I’m sick (literally sick coughing and have runny nose) due to spring and all (I have allergies to dust mites and pollen).
Need to get my medicine soon!

And I wish someone want to take care of sick me TT*TT

(This is the reason you should have a lot of friends! Especially someone nearby! Because if you are sick, someone can take care of you/ you take care of yourself… I’m the last one TT*TT)

Anyway, enough rambling.

I will be moving out from my accommodation soon, because the landlord want to take back the house again. She lives in York but due to family business and yada yada yada, she wants to take back the house (meaning: she wants to live in the house I currently staying in).

We (me and the my housemates) were given 2 months notice and by that time, I should move. I have found my place and will be moving in to my new house in May.

However, one of my housemates named amy (she is a professional) already move out before I do. She moved out a few days ago. I miss her already. She was so kind and was funny.

As she moved out, she gave the people who stayed behind, some things like cups, bears and cookies.

She also say that if I move out, I can call her and she will help me to move out. I’m very blessed to know her.

Soon, I will be going to miss the house I’m currently stay.

I will miss the people I met first thing when I arrived Guildford. I will miss my first treatment from my housemates upon my arrival in this house.

They are all nice and very respectful towards each other. I will miss them.

It will be new experience in the next house but hopefully, they are all nice.

My dad once said, “if you are nice to people, people will be nice to you”.

I will always be nice to people, no matter what race/gender/religion they are…

They are human.

Anyway, enough of the sappy story!

I will be moving out to a better place!! It’s near the campus ground! Straight behind it anyway XD

The thing that I like about it is, it’s very near the uni and dear god! I have my own stairs to the Uni ground XD


So I don’t need to wake up very early to go to campus.


Anyway. That’s from me!

Take care you all and don’t get sick like me!! 😷😷😷😷

see yaaa!!


Ps: the flower in the photo is not the flower at my house. It was someone else’s. I just passed there couple of times, look at it and thought… “huh, what a beautiful flower”. So, I took pictures of them. This is one of them.