What is it like to do Exam in Surrey?

Hello Everyone,

It is Lina again.

How are you doing? good? I am so sorry that I did not post any posts for quite sometimes now. I was moving out from my previous accommodation.  On top of that, there is stuff like doing my assignments, also neaingExam week, everything is quite hectic nowadays.

Anyway, I moved out because the landlord has some family issues, so she wanted the house back. I don’t really like living in the same place as my landlord. I am not comfortable with that situation.

I did mention it, didn’t I?  if not, I will give you the summary anyway.
Basically, she gave me 2 or three months notice (started from the end of March) to either move-out or stay (the landlord is an Indonesian, so she allowed me to stay if I want to. But I choose to move out).
Long story short, I search a house (preferably cheaper than the previous house) in an app called ‘spareroom’ and luckily, I got it! It is also near the Uni! Like, it took me 20 – 30 minutes walk! I do not need to use Bus or any public transportation!
My place now is right behind the Uni!

Anyway, I want to talk about what is it like to sit in an Exam in the Uni. Since I am a master student, I can’t speak much for the Undergrad level in Surrey.

So, let us start from the beginning.

  • What is it like in Exam situation?
    • Well, imagine you are in National Examination. You are given 3 type of papers. The absence paper, the answer sheet and the question sheet. You need to fill in the absence paper with whatever detail asked before you can look at the question paper and do the test. There will be 3 or 2 people in the room for ‘guarding’ the exam session and one of them will be giving out the instruction of what to do before you jump into the test. In exam condition, you cannot talk and once you already sit on your assigned chair, you need to be silent or you will be yelled at. Worst case scenario, you will be thrown out of the place. No exam for you if that happen, unless you talk to someone who deals with that scenario.
    • My advice: you better prepare everything…Like EVERYTHING, before you enter the venue. Make sure you don’t forget any tool needed for the test, especially your ID. Without ID presence, you cannot take the test. You will be ushered out from the exam venue if you don’t come with your student ID.


  • What kind of questions? how long is it (in term of time)?
    • It depends. In my experience in one of the exam, I was given 4 Questions. 1 is compulsory and you need to choose 1 out of 3 optional questions. I need to solve it within 2 hours and you need to write it in Essay (since I do MSc. Human Resource Management, most of the exams I took are in Essays. So I cannot speak more for the rest of the subjects). However, there are some subjects that prefer multiple choices. But in general, it is 2 hours long.
    • My advice: You need to calculate your time well. Don’t focus on 1 questions only. Because every number count as mark and you rather fill all of them even if it is wrong. When you are wrong, you don’t get a mark but you never know if what you think is wrong is actually right. Fill all the gap and don’t let it hollow.


  • What kind of things should I bring?
    • Your stationary. That’s the most important. You can’t write anything without it. But make sure it is Plastic/clear pencil case if you want to bring it. Then Your student ID. You can bring a clear water bottle and drink it.


  • Can I excuse myself to the bathroom nearing the last minute?
    • No. You need to sit down and wait it is officially done. if it nears the last minute, the test lookers will tell you. You can go to the bathroom if it is way before the last minute time.
    • My advice: I suggest you go the bathroom before the test start. You will lose your time and there is no extra time. When it is done, it is done. The test lookers will be strict and you need to respect that.


  • When I am done, can I chat with my fellow people who are done?
    • No. If you are done, I suggest you check your work or if you are confident with it, hand it to the test lookers. Talking is not allowed in exam condition, even borrowing pen, paper, pencil or anything to people either beside you, in front of you or psst pssst anyone in the room. If there is anything you want to do or ask an extra paper, raise your hand and the exam lookers will approach you. Just think this an exam condition with strict people looking over you. If you don’t have anything to do, I suggest you hand it over to the exam lookers and go out of the room. By then, you can have a chat and talk. But make sure with toned down voice. Do not disturb the rest who still do the exam.


  • When will I get the result?
    • I am not quite sure tbh. My estimation will be 2 – 3 weeks. Usually, every info regarding where you are seated at, where the venue is, when the exam is or when will the result coming out, everything will be emailed. So make sure to keep an eye on your school email.

I think that is all I guess. That’s the thing that I can think off now.
So far, that is how you do an exam in uni of Surrey based on my last experience. Just imagine being in the national examination. The lookers are not your lecturer or your professors. Your paper will be marked by 3 different markers, 1 of them is your lecturer/professor and two of them are from outside the Uni but still hold credibility (they are anonymous markers). So, there is no unfairness.
So!! Have fun studying for me! Have fun Y’all!!
Sorry for the longer post! And talk to you again soon!