Update of what is going on!

Hello everyone!
Back again with me, Lina.
Well, I am so sorry that I am not updating for quite a long time (I think). I have been going around and today, specifically today! on May 31, 2017! I have my Day 1 exam. It was Strategy.

It was an okay experience and if you follow what I said in my previous post, the procedure is similar as I told you.

Anyway, I am here just want to update you guys about what I did for the past weeks (?) while I am not updating.
Truthfully, I have been in revision mode. So, either I am sorry for making you all, my second priority TT0TT

Not only that, I was attending a comic con with the other anime society members. We cosplayed and took quite a lot of picture. Although at the very end, we went our separate ways…but it was still fun!!

So, I will be telling you guys soon about what is happening chronologically!

Be prepared with double posting soon XD

Thanks for reading!