Fail or not Fail


How are you doing?? Good?
So, most of the undergrads and post-graduates finally receive their scores. Most of my friends that I know are passing!! Whohooo!!
There are some people outside my friends circle that failed theirs, but if that’s happened to you… Do not worry!
The Uni will still give you chance and that’s via Retake/Re-sit.  As the name suggest, it is like Remedial. You take the same test to fix your score.

So, I think I did say in my previous post that if you do re-sit as post-grads, ultimately your submission date for your dissertation will be delayed until November (For those 2016/2017 intakes). Why?
If for example I fail in one of my module and my submission is early September, it will be delayed until Early or middle November. This is because in August – September, it is the time for people to take their re-sit tests.

So yeah, you need to do your re-sit in order to proceed and submit your dissertation. At least, you need to pass, so you can get to 140 points in total. Re-sit are similar to the previous test done, but the degree of the question can be lowered (notice the bold. This is just a maybe kind of situation. I saw the re-sit test when I did my revision and comparing it to the ordinary test. I think the difficulty is lowered down but I am not sure for this year’s re-sit).

All the past re-sit can be retrieved from the uni library website. Any subject can be found there and all you need to do is learn and re-learn it. All the facilities are there at your disposal, so just use it to the best of it is potential ^_^

There must be a question asked, how did you get your result?
Result usually send via email. Whether you pass or not, everything will be done via email. If you pass all of them, you will not received additional email about when will you scheduled for re-sit. But if you do, well… you better learn what you need to learn because this is your chance to fix your score.

As for me, I need to do my study too… dissertation is nearing it is deadline and I still do some of the stuff necessary for it~

Oh Student life…

Well, I think that’s all from me.
I will talk more about my dissertation in later time.
I hope this info will do good for you ^_^

Thank you for reading!