Hi!! Update of what happened in my life

Hey !!

It is been a while for not talking in here!!
How are you guys?

Sorry for not writing a lot for the past weeks as I have been busy with stuff. So, I will be talking about certain stuff that happening to me recently.

Since I will be going to finish my study, I tried to get up my luck by trying to apply in many different company in UK. In my first year in my bachelor, people told me that it is impossible to get job, more or less… get hired.
It was proven wrong as I knew some who are accepted.

Lesson learned. Try before you believe what people said to you.

Anyway, I try applying to some company. Got interviews and chance to feel what it is like to be interviewed for certain role… and it was fun experience in my opinion.

There was times that I need to make a presentation to explain what align my life to their value and it was fun. Met a lot of people and talk to people that are in similar situation, being a Master student and in doing dissertation.

Aside from that, the company was nice. The members who are interviewed me and ‘testing’ me are fun to. I met someone who’s face reminds me of a comedian. He smiles a lot and it was nice to see. Like legit, he made me feel calm when I looked into his face. Plus, he is also understanding. I dunno what role he is in within the company, but I think he is an HR. Based on how good he with interview and deduct what I was saying, I get the vibe that he is HR.

That, or he is just have that amount of experience in interviewing people.

Aside from that, I have been doing back and fro with many company. From phone call, emails, and more apply.


But in seriousness… I do things at the same time now. Because the time wont allow me to be lazying around.

My senior told me “if you never try, you won’t know the result. You have nothing to lose. So try”.

With that statement, I try.

The experience will make me better at doing this kind of thing, since I never done any of this.

Although I not accepted, but I still had fun.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

I will write more tho! So, thanks for reading!