How to create power point for business

Hi!! How are you doing?

Well and dandy?? (ignore my too hard joke ).

Anyway, I am here to talk to you about how you can improve your power point into more business like.

So, I’ve said to you before that I have been back and fro into the work market (a.k.a job interview).

Previously, I didn’t know what power point for business is like. All I know is that, to not make your audience fall a sleep or bored, you need to make you ppt to be at least bit entertaining. Yet, I don’t know the measurement of ‘bit’ is. What does it mean by ‘at least bit entertaining’ ? Does it have to have a lot of action or image??

Well, I got the insight of someone who already working all of his life and is working as an accountant for a certain company (let’s just make him anonymous).

So, how do you make your ppt at least a bit more business like??

  1.  You need to have subject that you want to write.
    • Yes. Without the subject to write, you won’t know what you need to present in front of interviewer. Make sure to ask people who deal with recruitment like HR or involved agency to help you or to ask them what topic they want you to discuss.
  2. Make your background easy to read and more uniform.
    • This is very simple. Don’t use background that make your words hard to read. Just make it simple and don’t be overboard with your power point. Last time, I chose light brown colour with simple design due to easy to read. The word and the background are not blending.
  3. Make sure to put at least a bit  of image related to the topic you are discussing.
    • This is very simple, you search the picture you want to add in google and look something that is not over crowd your presentation but also, make sure to make it to the point (1 or 2 pictures that can represent/exlplain your point across).
  4. Animation for the images or for tittle need to be uniformed (make it the tittle into ‘fly in’ and the content into ‘fly in’ too but from the left).
    • Based on what a friend of mine told me (the one that I make it as anonymous), he said that manager or any people love creativity. But, they prefers to keep it simple, as in brief and not over crowded (yes, the word of the day is overcrowded). The last time I made a ppt for a company (interview purposes), I put the tittle into ‘fly in’ and the content into ‘fly in’ too but from the left. That way, not only it can distinguish which is which. But also, it won’t make it into a headache for people to read / look.
  5. Make it as simple yet professional, especially the style and font.
    • Fonts are very important. Just like when you write letter, dissertation or assignments. They will be looking at your font. So, make sure your font is interesting but still professional. For instance, Comic Sans may be unprofessional but it is still readable. But I suggest to do at least Arial or Calibri if you want to make the alphabetic a bit more rounded and easy to read. Also, make sure the colour of the font isn’t match the background to avoid headache to the reader.



The point is to make it less of a headache, readable and not overcrowded.

Well, I don’t know if mine is good enough but based on their reaction of my ppt., they like what they are seeing.

But don’t forget the purpose you made the ppt. Remember what you need to say and don’t be wishy-washy about it. Be chatty but don’t go overboard.

Just explain what you need to explain.


That’s all from me.

I hope what I wrote is useful for you and make sure to stay tune!!