Part-Time Work and it is Relevant to your CV

Back again with me Lina! How are you guys doing? I’m quite in the slump with what is currently happened now. I applied job but it is quite disheartening. Oh well, I need to try harder.


Today, I will be talking about the relevant of part-time job and your CV.

Firstly, let me tell you. It is hard to make money TT0TT
Secondly, you need to like that job if you want to keep motivated to work and gain you muny~

So, here is why your Part-time job is so relevant for making your CV appealing to you prospect employer.

  1. You are deem to be able to maintain your time.

Working and studying can be hard, especially if you are nearing deadline of your assignment or dissertation. You need to priorities one before another and you need to have some sort of time management to keep up with all those. Thus, by doing part-time, you are deemed to be able to maintain that kind of lifestyle and you may have chance to be employed.


2. Working experience.

Working experience if very valuable within job market. Most employer will prefer to choose those who have similar work experience with the job vacant they advertised, than those who do not have one. Job experience is very crucial in my opinion, especially if it is skilled work. No matter what you work or where you work, there will be some duty that may be similar to what the company’s job duty. For instance, you previously work in a restaurant as a waitress and you want to work in marketing or a receptionist. The skill and experience you gained as waitress can be useful for when you work as receptionist or as a marketer. Skill such as attention to detail, customer service, able to adapt to quick phased environment or helping your colleague, will able to help you create your own uniqueness when you applied to certain job you want to.


3. Proof that you can work with people professionally.

As a student ambassador, one of my role is to do campus tour with clients from all over the world who wants to do tour or booked tour with the administration team. This means that potential employer will look at that as potential uniqueness to my CV and perceived to be able to work and engage professionally with client. On top of that, the company will be able to look that you are capable in dealing with people professionally if you encounter certain clients with quirk as they will ask you that. After all, you need to maintain your company’s name and not tarnish it by doing something unacceptable. Based on my last interview with a certain company, they will ask you how you handle yourself facing customer or someone with certain quirks that may either triggers you that may end up to conflict. By having work experience, you will likely able to tell them and create an assurance that you are capable handling that kind of situation.

4. Create assurance that you know what you are doing.

Yes. By taking a job (whatever your role is), you are assuring your potential employer that you know what you are doing. Especially in term of interrelation skill, how you work or how you engage with your colleague. This is important. Although some jobs may require you to be self-motivated or able to work without asked, there are some jobs who require team work and contribute to the company’s culture. Thus, some company (based on the interview I did last month), asked me about integrity. What makes you stand out in term of being align to the company’s culture/value. I know that you can obtain this via following the rules. However, what make you stand out more is what do you do if you found people who break the rule. This kind of action, can help you stand out more. Especially to the company that interviewed you.


Bottom line is, working can help you attain that professionalism vibe that most employer want to see. Once you are graduating, you will be facing the harshness of job market. you need to compete and you need to stand out more to show that you are different. Especially if you are an immigrant, you need to work extra harder as you need to compete with everyone else who wants the same job as you.

Good luck for me and you. I hope you are having fun in Surrey for the newcomer and for the nest semester people… You need to work hard and plan for your future. Don’t wait until later or you will lost your opportunity!

Thank you for reading!