Factors of you getting employed


Back again with me, Lina!! How are you???

Well, as you can see, I still have no luck in employment.

This is why, UK employment is tough and you need to be competitive with what you do. you are one people wanting to have one job and you need to fight against many other candidates to get that job.

Thus are why I say to you in my old posts (if you do read those XD LOL! Jk), that in order to get a job for entry level in UK, you need to be at least distinction (2:1 above). Especially for well known companies who will likely sponsor you for working Visa. Mind you that not all companies will offer you visa and only a certain percentage out of hundreds or possibly thousands of companies in UK.

If I am not mistaken, only 25,000 companies or so who are qualified to issue visa sponsorship. Thus, if you are not unique enough, you will be washed away by the current and for those who don’t want to go back, will be going back. Unless you have the intention to go back.

There is also one way to make you as unique as possible and that is either you join in a society and hold a certain role within that society other than a member.  Gain work experience by either working in charities, fundraiser or paid work in anywhere you can think of. OR, apply to be a student union and hold a role there.

Becoming a member of student union will make your potential employee think of you as a plus. On top of that, with good grades. You have a chance to be employed.

But one think that I notice is, if you have a strong cover letter… you will likely be called for interview at least.
Sometimes, employer in UK don’t want to see your cover letter but your CV only (yes, that’s a thing in here). So, your CV also need to be “something” when someone look at yours and be interested in you.
However, not all employers are like that and when they do give you option to put in your cover letter, make sure you make as appealing as possible. Showcase your capability and make sure what you write are relevant to what skill requirements needed.

Also make sure you read what are the responsibilities that you will be doing if you are hired. That way, you can emphasis to your possible company that you are capable of doing what they want you to do. On top of that, it also shows what kind or person you are.

So, make sure you make your cover letter as appealing and exciting to read by making yourself exciting to read about. Imagine cover letter as your story about yourself but in humble but still confident. If you make something like that, I am sure the reader (potential employer) will think you are something and pass you on to your the next step.


Bottom line, if you want to work in UK… be prepared with massive competition as you are not the only one who want that job. With current regulation, you will likely washed away. So, make yourself employable by engaging to any activities offered by the university. I cannot guarantee you will get a job by just engaging in any activities in the university, but you need to create cover letter as engaging as you can about yourself, why you choose that company, what can you offer to the company and why you are the best choice out of other people who are from other countries or from the British themselves.

The university also give you service to help you tailor your CV and your Cover Letter.

So, keep trying and for those who are new in the university, be sure to make your university like the best ever and gain as much as you can. make yourself employable and unique!!


That is all from me and thank you for reading!