Activities in Surrey

Good afternoon everybody.


I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead.


Today I am going to talk about different activities that you would be able to do when you join the University of Surrey.


Usually, the fist week of the year which is called “fresher’s week” is just for students to get themselves familiar with the university and the area around it. There aren’t any formal lectures, so you have lots of time to find out about the Uni in general. Mostly people just party and have lots of fun. By the end of the week there usually is fair in the vast green field, which as you can imagine is called fresher’s fair. The aim of the fair is to introduce the students to different societies held at the University, for example, there are sports societies if you are into sport. You can join as many societies as you want, however, in reality, you can only manage to attend one or two of them regularly during the semester. Other societies to introduce are like Baking, Islamic, Dance, Sailing, Gaming, Skating, Yoga many more. I don’t know how many exactly, but I do know there is a society for everyone if you are interested. By joining the society of your interest, for example, tennis, you can learn and play tennis weekly, and if you are really good, there is a chance to join team Surrey and play against other universities in the UK. I totally recommend joining, at least, one society, it is fun, and you can meet new people and make lots of friends.


By the way, one interesting fact about Surrey University is that it is right next to the Cathedral which in fact is very famous and historical. I have recently found out by one of my colleagues that the opening scene of the Omen 1976 movie was filmed in that Cathedral. I am not a fan of horror but for those of you who are intrusted I am sure you know which movie I am talking about. check the link bellow and you will find the church yourself. In fact, all the graduation ceremonies by the University are held in that church.


Ok guys its Friday afternoon and I don’t want to talk too much, thats it for today.

I wish all a good friday evening. Next week I will introduce you to Surrey Sports Park.